Each day, millions of professionals feel stuck in the same job, with the same company that doesn’t reward their work or their talents. We help you take that situation and turn it around. 

At Mynga, your online professional resume highlights your expertise and lets you find suitable job openings. While existing job portals are infested with irrelevant/spam data and are not up to date, Mynga is an AI based platform that brings your personalized job opportunities basis your profile.

A networking app for the modern-day professional.

Mynga connects professionals with companies that actually value your talent and give you the chance to prove yourself in a higher-earning and more comfortable profile. With Mynga, you:

  • Connect with other industry professionals
  • Put your hard, quality work on display
  • Earn the attention of high-quality companies
  • Search for new jobs opportunities
  • Get advised on potential career change opportunities

Mynga helps you to join the network of industry professionals that you need to swiftly move up the ranks of your career and thus increase your earnings potential.

professional job search platform

job search platform

Recommended jobs

Mynga is one step ahead always with jobs from every domain.

Mynga is a grand professional online profile platform that offers job opportunities to professionals from various domains. So, even if you already have an online profile OR you are active on other job portals – You must create profile on Mynga to reach more employers. 

Most of the existing platforms have job opportunities for mainstream profiles while Mynga caters to all the professionals including Teachers, Technicians, Healthcare/Nurses, Fitness trainers, Constructions/Civil engineers, Architects, Pest control, Mental care, Dairy, Nanotechnology, Shipbuilding etc. Some of the exclusive sectors such as Judiciary, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Animation, Legislative Office, Fishery, Railroad Manufacture, Ranching are also included.

From Mid-level executives to Delivery Boy, Salesman, Security Jobs, Creative Jobs, Craftsman Job, Industry Job, Manufacturing Industry, Part time jobs for women/students/others, Contract basis Jobs, Night Jobs, 2nd Jobs, Customer Service and many more. Mynga also covers the section of job offers for Fresher’s & migrants from another countries.

Create an Effective Professional Profile with Mynga.

Mynga is a new way to build meaningful digital profile that leads you to get a better job or switch to more suitable career. Mynga, not only lets you create a digital snapshot, but also help showcase your skills while highlighting your education credentials, experience and expertise.