Career Tips

15 tips that lets you
create a successful career

Most of the successful business leaders owe their success to career pathing they received from their mentors. You receive advice, tips and tricks throughout your career – BUT here is a list of proven tips that can let you take charge of your career and be successful. 

1. Live life beyond the screen

To be successful in the competitive corporate world you must work hard. But to keep going, always remember to live life to its fullest. Spend quality time with your loved ones or indulge in hobbies, always make sure to move away from screen and witness the beauty of life.


2. Don’t let the fear keep the best from you

Apprehensions and the fear of unknown can have a paralyzing effect. Don’t let it hold you down and keep the growth opportunities from you. Evaluate opportunities, take advice from your mentors and keep moving.


3. Be consistent yet flexible

Its good to set up goal and have a career path in mind, but also make sure that you remain willing to accept challenges. You never know which opportunity can build your fort, so be consistent but not rigid in your career pathing.


4. Don’t Let Others Manage Your Career

Something that is worse than failure is the failure caused by others. Don’t let others manage your career because it’s like borrowed garments that never fit. Do take vice from your family, vice, leaders, mentors and then take a decision about your career. 


5. Build Trust

New opportunities come your way when you work diligently while building trust among your colleagues, client, mentors, leaders and almost everyone you work with. Once you have earned someone’s trust, they work with you for your growth.


6. Create Balance

Easier said than done but it is true that happiness is a choice. The sense of balance is created when you take control of how you react to everything that happens in your life. Don’t let people or situation take control of you. Remember, the same boiling water that hardens the eggs, softens potato – It’s about what you are made of and not the circumstances.


7. Continue learning

The energy required to sustain in your existing role is exhausting but for those who want to move up the ladder must remain ready to put a little extra effort every day. Seek new knowledge, work around your strength and become the best in your domain with learning.


8. Treat others how you want to be treated

Everyone deserves to be treated with kindness and respect. Even when you are dealing with rude/tough clients and bullying peers. It’s less about them and more about you. Remember the quote from Nelson Mandela, “Resentment is like drinking poison and then hoping it will kill your enemies. If you want to make peace with your enemy, you have to work with your enemy.”


9. Change the room if you are the smartest one in there

Who can resist enjoying being the centre of attraction when it comes to knowledge and success? But the truth is, if you surround yourself with smarter people, you invite new perspectives to the table and drive innovation. No matter how far you have come in your career, there is always a room for learning new things.


10. Don’t work towards perfection

Lionel Messi perfectly summed it up saying, “It took me 17 years and 114 days to become an OVERNIGHT SUCCESS.” Never compare your dreams or success with others as everyone is fighting their own battle.  Strive for constant improvement but don’t get trapped in the myth of achieving perfection.


11. Never complain about workload

Be thankful that you have work and enjoy what comes your way every single day. There are many waiting in line and will do anything you replace you. of work to do. When the work becomes easy, it clearly indicates that you have outgrown your current profile. Start looking for work that keeps challenging you to learn – it’s a clear sign of growth.


12. Don’t let your job define you

You are more than your job, don’t let a bad day at job kill your post work life. Don’t carry your home to office or your office to your home. You are a valued individual to many people in your life, regardless of your career growth. Learn to take control of your priorities and what truly matters to you. 


13. Don’t get eaten

Be it a new responsibility or an awaiting deadline – things can be compelling at times but don’t let that hold you down. Don’t overthink and always chin up with confidence to take things head on and keep moving forward.


14. Market Yourself 

“Promote yourself because no one else will do it for you, likewise believe in yourself or no one else with either.” You are the centre of everything that happens in your life. You have the gravity to pull what you desire with right actions. However, there is a thin line between self-appreciation and self-obsession, make sure you don’t cross it. Be proud of your achievements, however small they may be – celebrate and share it.


15. Own your life

You might be putting the best hours of your life at work but who asked you to compromise anyway. Commit to your work but at the same time, commit to your other roles in life too. Don’t let one role interfere or overpower the other and breathe life in your dream of successful career.