The outbreak of COVID19 has led to declining economy, shutting down of businesses, and massive layoffs of employees. A lot of people across the globe has lost their job and the rate of unemployment and job crisis has significantly increased. Alone in the United States, millions have filed jobless claims.

However, with some industries and businesses being affected negatively, some have grown exponentially. Companies involved in providing essential services or products and digital firms have grown during the pandemic period. Losing a job is an exhausting experience but you can still look for a new one by registering on the best job hunting apps for iPhone.

  • Help with Small Financial Assistance

Jobs are comfortable with a monthly regular income. It helps in paying loans, liabilities, and taking care of basic requirements. The biggest stress and concern with losing a job is the lack of steady income. Basic savings work for a while but eventually, it tends to dry out.

Offer financial help in whatever capacity you can to help someone in need who has lost their job during the pandemic situation. Alternatively, you can help by providing essentials like food or voucher for a grocery store. Have them download Job Portal App for Android and iOS to continue jobs.

  • Be there for them and keep a Constant Check

There are people who have lost their jobs but deny opening up about their financial stress. The pandemic situation is stressful and losing a job can suck up all the hope and energy. Make sure to reach out to friends or family who lost their job and let them know you are there for them.

If you are living with a roommate or family who has lost their job, do not put finances on them. Keep a tab of all the best iPhone and Android Apps for Job Search and update regarding any job opportunity or openings. Try to pay for rent, groceries, and other essentials for your flatmate.

  • Help them with Job Search and Opportunities

It is exhausting to lose a job in such a situation where the market has dried up and there is low hiring. However, the Job Hunting App for Android lists current openings for different industries. Finding a new job considering the condition is not easy but continue your efforts to help them find a job.

  • One of the best ways to do so is to give a reference for your job in your company. Pass along their resume to prospective hiring channels and companies. If anyone is looking for hiring, pass the contacts.
  • The best job hunting Apps for iPhone require a solid resume for employers to pay attention to a potential candidate. With someone who has lost their job, help them upgrade the resume and apply for a job in the portals.
  • There are people who have lost their jobs and had to sell off their laptops or phones or other gadgets. Help your friend or family by lending them an old phone or laptop to look for jobs or freelance opportunities.
  • Your kind gesture like giving them your unused phone can help them down the best Job Portal App for Android and iOS and continue the search. Alternatively, they can start online service and end up getting freelance gigs.


  • Hire them In You Own a Business and Making Profit

There are some businesses that have gained economically during the COVID times. Digital marketing services, online delivery, essential service, etc. have become popular during pandemic. If you have a business making a profit, consider hiring someone who has lost their job. This will help them with financial assistance for time being.

While they continue using the best iPhone and Android Apps for Job Search, it will help them contribute to the growth of the company using their skills. Pay the basic minimum required to help them sustain through the pandemic situation. However, make sure to hire only if you have a profit-making company.

  • Help Them Follow a Passion Project

While they can continue looking for a job for a steady flow of income on the Job Hunting App for Android, encourage them to follow their passion. There are people who get used to regular income and leave behind their passion. Maybe, they can use their unemployment time to do something they are passionate about.

A lot of people have embraced unconventional career paths during the COVID19 pandemic post losing their job like creating YouTube videos, blogging, gardening, home-caked food, and cakes, etc. If you know someone who has lost their job, help them start afresh by motivating.

COVID19 pandemic is a crisis time on a global level. With a drowning economy and millions of people losing their job, it has been hard on many families. However, it is important to keep the hope alive and continue looking for something that can reduce the adversity. Support people who lost their job by being there for them.