Job-Hunting Tips

Top Job-Hunting Tips that will definitely work for you

2020 has been most crucial for job hunting, owing to the severe job market downfall caused by Covid19. Many have lost their source of income to the pandemic, be it service or business. Most of the people we know are wither working from home with reduced salaries or looking for job.

Mynga is your one stop solution to not only network but also find the perfect job for your profile within few clicks. The AI based platform is designed to help your profile stand out to potential employers. Check out these tips created using experience of successful candidates to survive the competitive market and get the job you deserve.

Tips to focused job hunting

Job hunt means a comprehensive 360-degree plan where you build everything from scratch.  involves more than searching for open positions and sending your resume to employers. You also need to make sure you’re a good fit for the job, can catch the hiring manager’s attention and are well-prepared to answer interview questions. Here are 14 tips that you can use to improve your chances of finding the employment you desire:

  1. Plan your career objective and practice on discussing career goals with employer/recruiter.
  2. Plan ahead, hire for professional resume and cover letter if required.
  3. Create profile on Mynga for networking and job search. 
  4. Work on your confidence and knowledge for successful interview
  5. Take time to prepare for interview, gather information about the job profile and the company online.
  6. Network regularly on various platforms, join forums and ask questions to seek guidance. 
  7. Identify examples of your skills that can help you create an interactive interview.
  8. Expand your skills while you are looking for job change. Pick up trainings or certification to help you prepare for next level profile.
  9. Don’t shy away, always remember to follow up politely after your interview. Even if you are rejected, ask for feedback and reason for rejection. Politeness goes long way, learn to manage your temper on rejection and you will see the results change.

Time saving tips for the perfect job search

Stay ahead of the opportunity and always keep your resume up to date for sharing whenever required. Network with people from similar profile to help you learn and expand your skills. However, also network with business leaders to find job opportunities in your domain. 

If you are planning to invest in any premium job search service then you must check the benefits it offers. Or you can simply create an impressive profile on Mynga and share it with recruiters.

Make the best out of each job interview

Landing an interview is the crucial part of job hunting, it is the point from where the opportunity shapes up for you.  Patience can be rewarding in almost all scenarios. Take rejection as learning and continue to next job opportunity with enthusiasm. 

Prepare well for the interview by collection information about the job profile and how your profile best matches it. Take time before answering, never give false information instead ask questions if you have doubts.  

Remember, to survive today’s competitive employment market you must network to let opportunities find you. The competition is crazy and you must utilize various strategies to stand out from the crowd in the job market. Make profile on Mynga and try these strategies to get your resume noticed. You can also reach out to our helpdesk always ready to guide you in your job search.