Businesses incurred huge loss caused by sudden drop in demand and disrupted supply chain. We witnessed major job layoffs during the pandemic as the world was not prepared for it. Gradually things are changing, businesses are now hiring and ramping up after making changes in their operational strategies.

One of the industries that took hit due to Covid 19 is the manufacturing industry. Business leaders worked tirelessly to build around this chaos by mapping new strategies to get back in the business/production. Although, the effect of this crisis varied profoundly as some sectors of manufacturing took bigger hit comparatively.

For those who are back in action and are now looking for job opportunities in the manufacturing industry, must read on.
Manufacturing is majorly a skill-based industry, hence the layoffs in manufacturing businesses were less considering rehiring and retraining manufacturing workers is expensive. So manufacturing is one of the first industries to come back online soon after the lockdown was lifted.


From floor staff to management, Manufacturing industry has multiple profiles that get in action to create results. Not everything is automated and manufacturing needs manpower for more than just packing and moving boxes.
Manufacturing industry has various job opportunities in research, testing, engineering and maintenance etc. Ranging from manual labour to operational/management positions, career growth opportunities in manufacturing sector is dynamic.


1. US has some of the largest manufacturing industries across multiple sectors including: petroleum/steel/automobiles/aerospace/telecommunications/chemicals/electronics/food processing/consumer goods/lumber/mining.
2. Giving over 18.2% of the world’s total goods every year, US is one of the giant contributors in jobs and overall economy.
3. Accounting to 11.39% of the total output in the economy with 8.51% of recruitment, manufacturing in US created a whopping $2,334.60 billion.

Buckle up for Careers in Manufacturing & Production

Firstly, all the divisions in manufacturing/production need a variety of skill set. The working hours can be demanding and employees are required to work in shifts to make the business run day and night. While you do need relevant course or training to execute the work in production, some profiles fall under trainable category.

All activities in manufacturing industry are methodically planned to meet the daunting demand of production in an efficient manner. It is more of a team work as every department’s performance is interlinked to another. Jobs in manufacturing are immensely demanding hence there is always a need for competitive and highly-trainable supervisor or specialist for effectual execution.

From food to clothes, medicines, gadgets and even marriages, everything is done online in this technology driven world. Your friends, family, colleagues, recruiters, everyone is online so it makes sense that your career should have online presence too. Social media is a powerful tool and its time that you use it for more than just watching videos, news, chatting or connecting with friends and family.

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So, where do you start?
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