WFH has always been a requirement for employee but 2020 turned the tables and now employers need it more than the employees. Here is a collection of Best Work From Home Tips to maximize your productivity:

Work From Home gives freedom and flexibility but along comes many other things that you must master. When you work from home, you are more likely to face distractions which can lead to productivity loss. Just follow these basic steps to achieve an organized routine and make the best out this luxury.

Get Ready for the work 

Freshen up and get dressed like you do when you work at regular office. Yes, the mind needs to go through the regular ritual to stay attentive. You don’t need to dress up formally, instead dress smart, give up on comfy sleepwear and notice the difference in your own performance. 

Create a home office space

Create a home office spaceEach space in house is dedicated for a specific purpose. While dining room is for eating, bedroom is for sleeping, in the same manner you must have a dedicated space for working. While working from the comfort of your bed is tempting, but it is not advisable as this can add up to lethargy. You don’t want to set up a fancy office, just use the existing space in your home smartly and create a dedicated work corner.

Stay up to date with technology

Things like poor internet connection, bad performance of laptop and similar issues can slow you down. Do invest in an affordable device with latest OS and good speed internet connection. Also, it is equally important to keep your devices with utmost care for prolonged good performance. 

Fix your working hours

Yes, this might sound weird in work from home scenario but it is one of the most important tips for higher performance. This stops you from over working yourself as well. There will be days when you will have more work but in general maintaining the working hours routine will stop you from stressing yourself both physically and mentally. 

Healthy Eat & Sleep routine

Healthy Eat & Sleep routineWorking from home can make you go to the kitchen more than usual and that is not a good sign. Maintain healthy eating, take less breaks avoid unnecessary snacks as overeating can also add to listlessness. Along with eating habit you must also keep a tab on your sleeping pattern. Maintaining proper sleep schedule keeps your mind fresh and focused. If you can fix a time to go to bed and get minimum of 6 hours of sleep, you are in good shape. 

Set up a routine 

Sleeping on time as well as waking up on time are equally important. Setting up a routine allows your brain to keep the body and mind in sync for enhanced performance. You can avoid enjoying a binge watch session after a long day at work and indulge in exercise/meditation for healthier lifestyle. Exercise/Mediation helps reduce stress, and its only after you include them in your routine that you will see its benefits.  

Create a to-do list to follow

Preparing a to-do list save a lot of time and energy. Self-tracking helps you keep track of your own productivity and let it drive it. A to-do list can help you prioritize your work and non-work-related activities.  

Take controlled breaks

Home is the place where we go to after work, basically home is the place where we get break from our work life. Things can become stringent when you turn home into your work space. There can be unnecessary breaks and distraction that can disrupt your work rhythm. Try not to drain yourself by sitting at one place constantly, take break after fix time and avoid fatigue. 

Make rules for family members

The new generation is acquainted to the work from home concept, but our older generation is not that familiar with it. It is not easy to make family members understand the gravity of the situation. Just because you are home, does not mean that you are available for household chores. The best way to communicate the situation clearly is to discuss your estimated work hours with your family members while making them understand that you should not be bothered during your working hours. Social Media

Social Media

The best way to avoid time leakage caused by social media usage is to keep your notifications on mute during your working hours. Do not check social media messages while working as it is highly addictive and can make you lose track of time. You can also install apps that help you track your social media usage and control it accordingly. 


Discipline and Commitment

In the end, it all boils down to the amount of discipline and commitment you can invest for a successful work from home career. Learn to balance your efficiency without getting absorbed by your work. 

Work From Home has its own perks but it also means that you are accountable for every minute of the day. You are the one-man army from prioritizing to scheduling your work and personal life to create the best results. Don’t believe us, just go ahead and follow these tips and you will see the results.